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Director of Curriculum
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Amare Boreland
Technology Assistant for Curriculum Management
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Language Arts Mathematics BSI

Physical Education/HealthWorld




Social Studies

Career & College Readiness

English Language Arts back to top

Broadcast Journalism I

Broadcast Journalism II

English I

English I Honors

English II

English II Honors

English III

English III Honors

English IV

English IV Honors

English AP

English/Performing Arts

Language Arts Lab

Public Speaking


Mathematics back to top

Algebra Advanced

Algebra I

Algebra I Honors

Algebra II

Algebra II Honors

Calculus Honors

Calculus AP

Discrete Mathematics


Geometry Honors

Pre-Calculus Honors

Probability & Statistics

Statistics AP

BSI back to top

Algebra Applications

Algebra 2 Applications





Language Arts Lab

Reading Lab I, II, III, IV


Physical Education back to top

Driver's Education

Health I

Health III

Health IV

Physical Education I

Physical Education II

Physical Education III

Physical Education IV


Science back to top

Advanced Biology

Anatomy / Physiology I

Anatomy / Physiology II


Biology Honors


Chemistry Honors

Environmental Science

Forensic Science

Geophysical Science

Physics I Honors

Physics II Honors


Principles of Technology 


Social Studies back to top

African American History

American Government Civics

AP U.S Government / Politics

College Learning Strategies

Holocaust and Genocide Studies

Latin American Studies

NJ History


Social Studies / Performing Arts


U.S History I

U.S History I Honors

U.S History I Pre-AP

U.S History II

U.S History II Honors

U.S History AP

World History

World History Honors

World Language back to top

Arabic I

Arabic II

Arabic III

Chinese I

Chinese II

Conversational Spanish I

Conversational Spanish II

French I

French II

French III

French IV

Japanese I

Japanese II

Japanese III

Sign Language I

Sign Language II

Sign Language III

Spanish I

Spanish II

Spanish III

Spanish AP 

Electives back to top

ACT Prep/College Planning

Creative Writing


Macroeconomics AP

Personal Financial Literacy


Career & College Readiness back to top

Academy of Medical Arts I

Academy of Medical Arts II

Academy of Medical Arts III

Academy of Medical Arts IV

Academy of Finance I

Academy of Finance II

Academy of Finance III

Academy of Finance IV

Advertising Art I

Advertising Art II

Advertising Art III

Advertising Art IV

Allied Health I

Allied Health II

Allied Health III

Allied Health IV

Architectural Drafting & Design I

Architectural Drafting & Design II

Architectural Drafting & Design III

Architectural Drafting & Design IV

Related Drafting

Automotive Technology I

Automotive Technology II

Automotive Technology III

Automotive Technology IV

Building Maintenance I

Building Maintenance II

Building Maintenance III

Building Maintenance IV

Carpentry I

Carpentry II

Carpentry III

Carpentry IV

Child Development I

Child Development II

Child Development III

Child Development IV

Clerical Skills I

Clerical Skills II

Collision Repair

Computer Repair I

Computer Repair II

Computer Repair III

Computer Repair IV

Computer Science I

Computer Science II

Computer Science III

Computer Science IV

Cosmetology I

Cosmetology II

Cosmetology III

Cosmetology IV

Culinary Arts / Bake

Culinary Arts / ProStart

Culinary Arts / Production

Culinary Arts / Pantry

Culinary Arts / Table Service

Criminal Justice / Public Safety I

Criminal Justice / Public Safety II

Criminal Justice / Public Safety III

Criminal Justice / Public Safety IV

Electrical Tech I

Electrical Tech II

Electrical Tech III

Electronics I

Electronics II

Electronics III

Electronics IV

Fundamentals of Culinary

Global Business Management I

Global Business Management II

Global Business Management III

Graphic Arts I

Graphic Arts II

Graphic Arts III

Graphic Arts IV

H.V.A.C & Refrig I

H.V.A.C & Refrig II

H.V.A.C & Refrig III

H.V.A.C & Refrig IV

Introduction to Business

Kitchen Assistant I 

Kitchen Assistant II

Kitchen Assistant III

Kitchen Assistant IV

Logistics I

Logistics II

Logistics III

Manicuring I

Manicuring II

Manufacturing Tech I

Manufacturing Tech II

Manufacturing Tech III

Manufacturing Tech IV

Marketing IMarketing II

Marketing III

Project Lead the Way I

Project Lead the Way II

Project Lead the Way III

Project Lead the Way IV

Plumbing I

Plumbing / Heating II

Plumbing / Heating III

Plumbing / Heating IV

Performing Arts Dance I

Performing Arts Dance II

Performing Arts Dance III

Performing Arts Dance IV

Performing Arts Theater I

Performing Arts Theater II

Performing Arts Theater III

Performing Arts Theater IV

Performing Arts Music I

Performing Arts Music II

Performing Arts Music III

Performing Arts Music IV

Performing Arts Vocal I

Performing Arts Vocal II

Performing Arts Vocal III

Performing Arts Vocal IV

Video Production I

Video Production II

Video Production III

Welding I

Welding II

Welding III

Welding IV