Andrew Frey
Head Coach
Lukas Cannarozzi
Assistant Coach

Ice Hockey

Coaching Information

  • Head Coach: Andrew Frey
  • Assistant Varsity Coach: Lukas Cannarozzi


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Meeting Minutes

A recap of the 2019-2020 season witnessed PCTVS launch its hockey program with a big splash. Not only did it compete at the varsity level, it was able to win the program's first ever Varsity game vs. Pennsauken HS. The roster is predominantly freshman and sophomores. However, that didn’t stop Manny Ammendola from achieving Passaic County 2nd team, Brian Gaboda Honorable Mention 2nd team, while Evan Tomasi battled some of the state's top goaltenders in the most saves category.

  • The incoming class of 2024 has a lot of talent and meshing them with a solid core group returning only makes the 20/21 season even brighter. A meeting will be announced soon for tryouts and scheduling -- stay tuned.
  • Medical clearance paperwork is available on the district website, all players must be medically cleared to skate before the 12/3/20 first team try-out practice (nurses are currently accepting Medical Clearance Paperwork for the Winter 2020-2021 season.
  • Ice Hockey “Optional” Weight Room Dates Thursday starting 10/15/20 from 3:10 to 4:30pm each day, you must have completed the PCTVS TechLife app and display a Green Bulldog to weight room Coach Perkins or Coach Riglioso
  • Ice Vault practice dates are Monday-Wednesday and Thursday starting 12/3/20, start time is TBD but anticipate 3:45pm
  • Virtual students during the regular season will be able to ride courtesy bussing to school (in-person or remote all students have access to extra-curriculars) or meet the team at the practice facility. On gamedays, all students must ride with district transportation to Home or Away Contests
  • Bulldogs are planning to field a full JV team along with a full JV game schedule (we will be part of the Ice Vault’s JV team schedule)
  • NJSIAA has placed limitations on contests for “Season 2 - Winter” to 15 total contests including all regular season games and tournament games
  • Teams are allowed 1 scrimmage for the 2020-2021 season
  • BNC is currently creating a 2020-2021 conference game schedule, PCTI will continue to be a “independent” team for this season and next season, therefore our game schedule will be finalized after the BNC Schedule is released.
  • PCTVS will provide the following equipment for 2020-2021:
    • All players will receive new gloves (sizing on survey)
    • All players will receive team socks (sizing on survey)
    • All players will receive team shell (shorts- sizing on survey)
    • All players will receive a Home and Away uniform (JV uniforms may differ from Varsity uniforms)
    • All first-year players will receive a new team-helmet (returning players are expected to have maintained a helmet for at least two seasons)
    • All first-year players will receive a Bulldog Ice Hockey equipment bag


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