Ernesto Diaz
Lisa Karaisaridis

End Racism and Sexism Everywhere (ERASE)

ERASE (End Racism and Sexism Everywhere) is a program designed to give high school students the opportunity to combat hatred and discrimination in our society. By organizing programs and activities for our school and community, students are encouraged to recognize the problem and to seek many possible solutions.

ERASE has four goals:
  1. To help eliminate racism and sexism and decrease the number of discriminatory practices in our school and community.
  2. To alert all high school students to the signs of prejudice and discrimination and the negative effects they have on individuals and society.
  3. To conduct community awareness programs.
  4. To provide a continual outlet for victims of discrimination to vent their feelings and to seek constructive solutions to the problem.


  • Hispanic Heritage Celebration
  • Asian Pacific Heritage Celebration
  • Women’s History Month Celebration
  • Holocaust Remembrance Day Activity
  • Field Trip to The Jewish Museum in NYC and National Museum of African American History and Culture in Washington, DC.


Three major meetings are held every year with the general membership of the club.