Ganna Osetska
Angelo Cassilli

Engineering Club

The SeaPerch Teams focus on underwater robotics and participate in local, regional, and nationwide competitions in underwater remotely operated vehicle design and operational skills according to the yearly changing challenges set up by the SeaPerch International Competition Committee and US NAVY. The club hosts the only Pre-Regional SeaPerch Competition in tri-state area. The club is open to any interested student willing to devote time and effort in building team success while learning engineering and problem-solving.

The mission of SeaPerch Teams is to provide the opportunity for students to learn and apply engineering skills and insights in ROV design and building to solve presented tasks corresponding to marine engineering challenges in competitive environment.

Please see the SeaPerch event page for more information.


Pre-regional, regional, and national competitions.


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Day Event Location
Tuesdays Meeting N-110, Rocco Cafeteria
Thursdays Meeting N-110, Rocco Cafeteria