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Saturday STEM Academy

March 17, 2020: Saturday STEM Academy has been postponed until further notice.

Spring 2020 Saturday STEM Academy Registration For 7th & 8th Graders

The DCL Saturday STEM Academy provides 7th and 8th grade students the opportunity to further develop their interests in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math in an unparalleled, educationally stimulating series of course offerings. The spring session’s theme will focus on STEM Design Thinking and Inquiry. Our program will explore a variety of problems that will incorporate multiple disciplines. This program provides students with project-based activities that reinforce discovery, critical thinking, empathy and collaboration. Come join us as your child learns teamwork and problem-solving skills that increase their self-confidence!

Classes will run on Saturdays from March 7th to March 28th from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm. Payment of $90 per course is required for registration.

Please visit the link below to register your 7th or 8th grade child for this inspirational program. For your convenience, registration and payment are offered online with a credit/debit card to guarantee your course selection and participation.

STEM Design Thinking and Inquiry

Course Descriptions

  • Bioanthropology – Humans have been fascinated by the evolution of birds and reptiles and their connection to dinosaurs. In our "Glorified Dinosaur" bioanthropology course, we will look at the evolution of birds and comparative anatomy as well as the physiology of birds and reptiles. Students will analyze and closely examine and study presented specimens via dissections!
  • Pre-Engineering – Our future inventors and innovators will learn to design and create a rocket that will be launched using water! Students will experience the engineering design process; identify the need, research/fact-finding, imagine and design multiple solutions, select the best solution, create and build a prototype, test and evaluate, improve and redesign. Students will learn how to implement the Design Thinking model as it applies to Engineering.
  • Computer Science – Enter the world of coding as you learn computer programming and the fundamentals of computer science via a hands-on problem solving. Participants will learn about programming via MIT App Inventor. Second year students will learn an introduction to Python. You will learn how to implement the Design Thinking model as it applies to Computer Science.
Please note: There are no pre-requisites or previous experience required in order to attend the Saturday STEM Program, only a willingness to learn to have fun via solving problems.

All students will participate in a collaborative group problem solving challenge. Collaboration, creativity, innovation and ingenuity will be an integral part of the experience as students learn to share ideas and learn from each other.


  • For information about registering for the Saturday Spring STEM Academy, please click here.
  • Cost: $90.00
  • Each class is limited to 25 students.