November Students of the Month

Sonia Conde

Sonia Conde is a young woman from Passaic whose enjoyment of styling hair led her to become a member of PCTI’s School of Cosmetology. “It’s about helping others and making them feel good about themselves,” she adds.

As a member of this fine program, Sonia has already received a Work Permit from the NJ Board of Cosmetology for achieving 600 hours of service. By the time she graduates, Sonia has the opportunity to earn the NJ State Board of Cosmetology Licensure.

At PCTI, she is involved with the ROTC, the Environmental Club, and is a Class Representative. Sonia even plays the bass drum in the marching band! Academically, she ranks in the top seven percent of her class with a GPA of 4.09. She has the potential to graduate with three college credits and has achieved Principal’s Honor Roll status throughout her high school career. Sonia was even selected for induction into the World Language Honor Society.

This young woman’s penchant for helping others extends far beyond her program area. In fact, after graduation, Sonia will shift her educational focus to become a Criminal Psychologist - a career that combines two of her favorite fields.

“I have a real interest in how people think and why they act the way they do, as well as the motivations for their actions. I also want to get involved in the Criminal Justice field,” she says.

Sonia’s future career of choice will allow her to combine her problem-solving abilities and her desire to help others.

She seeks to attend Montclair State University where she will enroll in a program that combines receiving both a Bachelor and Master’s degree in General Psychology, a process that takes just five years. Sonia also plans to pursue a second major in Criminal Justice. Eventually, she will go on to receive her PhD in Psychology.

As the first generation in her family to go to college, Sonia aims to work while furthering her education - and that’s where all she’s learned at PCTI comes in.

“I can get a job at a salon while I’m taking classes - which will be really helpful,” she says.

When asked about her most valued experiences at PCTI, Sonia makes mention of the ability to try out different programs before committing to a college major.

“I know what I want to do after graduation and I’ll always be thankful for the skills I learned at PCTI.”

Congratulations to a young woman who is determined to make a difference in the lives of others!


  • Ranks in the top 7% of her class
  • Received Work Permit from NJ Board of Cosmetology, working towards Licensure
  • Involved in ROTC, Environmental Club, Marching Band, is a Class Representative
  • Selected for the WLHS & achieved Principal’s Honor Roll throughout all four years
  • Works as a secretary in an office
  • Goal: Graduate from Montclair State University with a BA/MA in Psychology, a double degree in Criminal Justice, eventually receive her PhD in Psychology; become a Forensic Psychologist

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Tahrim Imon

Tahrim Imon is a young man who grew up in Paterson, but is originally from Bangladesh. He came to the United States at three years old filled with quiet ambition that soon found an outlet in PCTI’s Academy of Information Technology.

Choosing to study Computer Science has opened up a world of opportunity for Tahrim and kindled an interest in Artificial Intelligence. “I’ve always loved how algorithms can be used to alleviate the stress of humans. It takes the opportunity for human error out of any equation.”

Tahrim consistently takes his interest in coding and programing to the next level and has volunteered to share his knowledge as a mentor for PCTI’s Summer & Fall STEM Academy.

It’s Tahrim’s ability to pursue studies that interest him on his own time which greatly contributes to many of his successes. For two years, the development of his Passion Project - “Icarus” saw that Tahrim was able to design, build, program, and fly a quadcopter. To complete this outstanding feat required that Tahrim learn programing mechanics and electricity.

This advantageous Bulldog is in the Engineering/Robotics Club and ERASE. He was also selected for Boys State and the World Language Honor Society. Tahrim has elected to take numerous honors and AP courses per year. Such ambition has ensured that he ranks in the top two percent of his class with an outstanding GPA of 4.35. Tahrim has the potential to graduate with twenty college credits and has achieved Principal’s Honor Roll throughout his entire high school career.

One of Tahrim’s greatest accomplishments was being named a QuestBridge Finalist. This national scholarship program allowed him to apply to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Columbia University, Princeton University, the University of Pennsylvania, and Yale University. Should he be accepted to any of the above institutions, he will receive a full tuition scholarship. The honor would be well-earned, especially for this dedicated and soon to-be first-generation college student.

Tahrim will pursue dual degrees in Mathematics and either Engineering or Computer Science with the goal of entering a career at an Aeronautics firm. His greatest advice for his fellow Bulldogs is as follows, “It’s up to you to make something of yourself. You have to reap the chances when they’re available and go after what you want. Don’t wait for opportunities to come to you.”

Congratulations to a young man who actively seeks out opportunities for self-betterment, ensuring that many successes await on the horizon!


  • Ranks in the top 2% of his class
  • Involved in Engineering/Robotics Club and ERASE
  • Selected for New Jersey Boys State and WLHS
  • Earned national honor as a QuestBridge Finalist
  • Volunteers with SeaPerch Underwater Robotics Challenge and at Islamic Congregation of North Jersey
  • Goal: Graduate from a university with dual degrees in Mathematics and either Engineering or Computer Science at the Master level, enter a career at an Aeronautics firm

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