Winter and Competition Cheer 2020-2021

There will be no winter cheer this year due to the circumstances and constraints. We will have a competition team this year and will have it open to anyone interested in joining and participating. If you are interested in joining, please read and then fill out the Competition Interest form.

Coaching Staff

  • Head Coach: Caitlin Dowling
  • Assistant Coach: Lauren McGorty
  • Assistant (JV) Coach: Toniann Klaus



  • Aug. Practices
  • Work out on your own in the summer
  • Need to go to weight room on some OFF days in fall (I will be checking)
  • JV – Mon and Thurs practices; Mon & Thurs & Sat FB Games
  • Varsity – Tues and Weds Practices; Friday games
  • Emphasis on Cheers, Dancing, and Stunting
  • Varsity must attend the mandatory UCA Camp at Monmouth University: July 12 – July 14, 2019
  • Mandatory Summer Practices for Varsity and JV: August 5th – August 13th


  • Dec. – Feb. practices and games
  • All on Tues or Thurs
  • Varsity practice in Dec from 3-5; games at 4 starting in Jan.
  • Tryouts first week of Dec.
  • Emphasis on Cheers


  • Tryouts beginning of August
  • Choreography around end of Sept.
  • CO-ED!
  • Don’t need to be on fall or winter
  • Season is August – beginning of March
  • Emphasis on Stunting and Tumbling - Looking for more back-walkovers/back-handsprings
  • Mandatory Summer Practices: August 14th – August 16th

General Tryout Information

  • Students must have a physical into the nurse and check to make sure they are cleared BEFORE the 1st day of tryouts. The earlier you are cleared the better!
  • Students should come in athletic clothing and sneakers. No jewelry is to be worn. There will be bus transportation to and from tryouts.
  • Students will learn a cheer, dance, and practice their jumps (toe touch, left and right herkies, pike) on Wednesday and then be scored on Thursday. Students will be scored from 1 to 5 (1 = poor; 5 = excellent) in the following categories: Cheer, Dance, Motions, Timing, Poise, and Spirit.
  • Competition will have a third day of tryouts which will score athletes on their stunting and tumbling levels


  • 2005: 8th place at Cheerleading Nationals
  • 2006-2007: NJTAC second place overall
  • 2008-2009: NJTAC champs: First place overall
  • 2009-2010: NJTAC first place cheer; second place cheer dance, second place overall
  • 2010-2011: NJTAC first place cheer; second place cheer dance, second place overall
  • 2015-2016: NJTAC second place overall; NJ States second place overall
  • 2017 State Divisional Champions - NJCDCA


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