Roma Buendia

World Language Honor Society

The World Language Honor Societies provide an opportunity to recognize outstanding scholarship in the study of world languages through selection for membership, the placement of a special seal on the graduate's diploma, the wearing of the cords at graduation. The chapters provide a vehicle for focusing activities around world language and literature. Each language, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Spanish, French and ASL is celebrated in its unique way. Students learn the importance that each language has in the world as an economic force as well as cultural.


We strive to make each student a model citizen by helping their community through a variety of community services such as Samaritans Purse for Operation Christmas Child in November. Students also write special cards and positively empowering letters to the citizens of Oasis - battered women’s shelter in Paterson, NJ. In addition, the organization collects items in February and March to Eva’s Village, a shelter for women and children in Paterson, NJ.


  • Bi-monthly with officers. Location: F134
  • Monthly with all members. Location: F125