Student Uniforms
Student Uniforms
Student Uniforms

Student Uniform Requirements

Summer 2021 Uniform Orders

  • Diana C. Lobosco STEM Academy: Click here to learn how to order your uniform.
  • Passaic County Technical Institute: Click here to learn how to order your uniform.

Student Uniforms

In an effort to raise the level of expectations and maintain a safe, orderly educational environment, Passaic County Technical Institute requires a uniform for all students. Parents and students are required to sign the PCTI Uniform Expectation Agreement.

PCTI’s Standard Student School Uniform Attire consists of:

  • PCTI uniform Royal Blue or White (long or short sleeve) polo shirts are required to be worn each school day (with the exception of "Spirit Days").
  • PCTI Polo Shirts must be purchased from FlynnO’Hara Uniforms. The polo shorts must be outfitted with the approved PCTI logo.
  • Non-polo PCTI shirts, jerseys, or other shop-specific polo shirts may only be worn on designated "Spirit Days."
  • PCTI uniform code requires that all students wear khaki pants, shorts, or skirts worn with either a black or brown belt. Khaki pants, Shorts, skorts, or skirts can only be purchased at FlynnO’Hara Uniforms.

The following pants styles are prohibited:

  • Cargo and skinny or tapered style pants or shorts
  • Pants with pockets sewn on the outside
  • Khaki colored jeans
  • Color variations
  • Pants with elastic or other draw strings at the waist and/or ankles
  • Pants with stitching, special designs, and/or labels
  • Pants legs cannot be made “skinny.”
  • Skirts or shorts may not be shorter than a fingertip’s length when arms are extended down.
  • Cargo shorts, cargo pants, skinny jeans, and jeans are not permitted to be worn, unless it is a "Spirit Day."
  • Cut off style shorts.
  • Other legging styles such as fish net, lace, patterned, striped, etc. may not be worn.
  • Rolling of pant legs, cutting of pants, and other fashion statement alterations.

PCTI does permit students to wear solid colored sweaters (pullovers, cardigans, V-necks), vests, fleece wear, sweatshirts, or hoodies, displaying an approved PCTI logo.

  • These items can be obtained from FlynnO’Hara Uniforms or from the PCTI School Store.
  • Acceptable colors for such items are Navy, Royal Blue, Black, White, and Gray.
  • Please note that a PCTI uniform polo shirt must be worn under such items at all times.

PCTI does not require uniform footwear though some shops may require specific apparel.

Spirit Day Attire

  • Shirts that clearly promote only PCTI programs, PCTI events, PCTI classes, PCTI organizations, or PCTI teams
  • Students choosing not to participate in “Spirit Day” must adhere to the Student Uniform guidelines as presented in numbers 1-10.

Prohibited Clothing Items

The following clothing items are prohibited at all times:

  • Hats and all other types of headwear including bandanas, sweatbands, wave caps, etc. with the exception of headwear worn for religious affiliations
  • Logos, insignias, labels, and symbols other than the school logo are prohibited from being worn on all school uniform clothing items
  • Slippers, sandals, flip flops, or any shoes with loose or untied laces or straps that may pose a safety hazard
  • Oversized or flamboyant belt buckles
  • Winter coats, jackets, etc. are not to be worn during class time. These items should be stored in lockers during the day when possible or placed on the back of desk chairs during class time
  • Chains, pouches, hats, etc., hanging from belts
  • Other garments worn over the PCTI uniform polo shirt other than those identified above as “additional acceptable uniform attire”
  • Sleeveless shirts or tank tops

There will be limited exceptions to the school uniform policy. Where possible, students will wear their shop specific / special clothing items OVER their school uniforms while in their respective programs (lab coats, smocks, aprons, etc.). Or, students will change in and out of special clothing when necessary. ROTC students can wear their full ROTC uniforms on designated days. ROTC student are not allowed to dress in sweats, special polos, etc. when not participating with ROTC.