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Fatima Ramirez

Lindsey Meyer Teen Institute (LMTI)

The TI@ti peer leader, as an aspiring influential student at PCTI, will make a commitment to live a life of healthy choices, give back to the school community that has invested in him/her, and will demonstrate loyalty, as well as respect to the group and its fellow members. Students are nominated by a faculty member and must go through a selection process which includes a written response and interview. In order to be integrated into TI@ti, students must attend a mandatory, week-long Lindsey Meyer Teen Institute summer leadership conference in August.

Our mission is:
  • To teach our PCTVS peers and others in our community that one CAN and SHOULD live a happy, healthy, carefree lifestyle without the use of alcohol, tobacco, or other drugs.
  • To be leaders in our community by spreading positive messages about mental health, substance-free lifestyles, and the benefits of natural highs and taking positive risks.

Organization Activities

  • Bimonthly meetings on Tuesdays (or selected TI@ti meeting day)
  • Multiple community service opportunities
  • Committee action plans to spread messages of mental health awareness and anti-substance abuse
  • Development of communication skills while working in committees to collaborate in school-wide activities that promote the TI@ti mission

Do you know that...

  • We are like a family that will always be there for each other, whether the issue is school-related or not.
  • Living a healthy lifestyle is not that difficult if you surround yourself with like-minded individuals that want to bring you up, not tear you down.
  • You are lovable and capable! Remember one of our mantras, IALAC (I Am Lovable and Capable).
  • You will get comfortable with being uncomfortable.
  • You are not alone, your TI Ohana will be here for you always, whether it be in school or out.

Member Snapshots

Being a member of TI@ti, we are naturally high by taking positive risks—challenges that lift ourselves up through self-improvement without the use of substances.
  • "I’VE LOVED IT. It has really introduced me to great people and new challenges, and it has ultimately made my high school experience 10x better."
  • "TI@ti has been the most uplifting and most spiritual experience I’ve ever had. This club has not only shown me compassion, love, and a sense of family, but has shown me how to better myself as a person and leader."
  • "Being a part of TI@ti has helped me gain the confidence needed to involve myself in things I’m passionate in. I’ve learned that if you want to see change, you have to manifest it yourself."
  • "My experience in TI@ti has been one of my biggest highlights in high school. It allowed me to open up to others, become a stronger leader and become a part of a life-long family."
  • "TI taught me how to build trust and strength in relationships, and that to be a positive and guiding influence to others I have to start within myself but not by myself."
  • "My experience in TI@ti has been truly eye opening. I’ve not only gained leadership skills and confidence, but friends that feel like family along the way."
  • "TI@ti is such a great family of peer leaders to be a part of at PCTI! We do a lot of fun and dynamic things around the school, too!"
  • "It was an experience unlike any other that allowed me to grow into the individual I am today whilst being proud of the influence I have on others! ☺"

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