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Room H-11
Christie Lotz

International Thespian Society

An honorary group of high school theatre students.

The mission of the PCTI International Thespian Honor Society is to create an artistic, educational, and professional network for theatre arts educators, students, and enthusiasts to share ideas and support the effort to have theatre arts (including film, television, and other related electronic media) recognized in all phases of education and lifelong learning.

We fulfill our mission through our ITS activities:
  • Honor the work and recognize the achievements of our members and others.
  • Annually attending State and Nationwide Thespian Competitions to fulfill our goal to expand the actor’s knowledge of theater and introduce our students to a variety of Thespian’s experiences.
  • Encourage Thespians to view and participate in diverse acting experiences including colleges, Broadway, television and film.


Month Events
September Annual Meeting to vote on Board Members
September-December After School rehearsal for Competition in January
April Preparation for Thespian Showcase and Induction
June International Thespian Festival (for those who qualify)