Environmental Science Club

The Environmental Science club gives the students who are interested in all aspects of science a chance to get together and work on projects and activities that will strengthen their foundation of science in the “Real World”.


The objective of this organization is:

  • To bring students together from all races and denominations to work on a common theme, which is Science. The club will be based on science activities ranging from Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Earth Science, Environmental Science, and Forensics. Students will be shown the importance of science in the school and community. The goal will be to focus on making P.C.T.I. more science friendly, by applying various projects, and to teach others of the benefits of a science friendly school environment.


Activities will be gardening inside the green house with a potential to work outside around the school (a beautification proposal), a commitment for a paper and can recycling program, a river clean up, a look at the Falls in Paterson, and the implications of hydroelectric power, a study of the various plants and animals, common and rare, living on campus. Possible creation of a bird sanctuary will be sponsored by the Audubon Society. An agreement will be made with the Trout Unlimited Foundation on the raising and releasing trout into the waters around the Passaic River area. A tree planting program and many other projects.

The fundraisers would be the selling of plants and bulbs for growing at home. Holiday gift baskets bake sales, possible candy sale, a plant tree sale, Environmental Club T-shirt sale (specially made T-shirts for students and faculty). Grants and private funding will also be looked at.


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More Information


Tuesdays after school, or during assigned club meeting times.
Place: Room F-238