Dina Benacquista
Kyona Best
Catherine Murray
Angelo Valdez

Class of 2022

The primary responsibility of the Class of 2022 group is to create a space where all students can stay informed of class activities, including fundraising, dues, school spirit, and community service.

Show your Bulldog pride and support the class of 2022 by purchasing a PCTVS lawn sign. Choose from a variety of sports/activities or choose a PCTI/STEM sign to show your school spirit. You can personalize each sign with your name as well. Click here to place an order and your sign will be delivered right to your home! The class of 2022 thanks you for your support! Go Bulldogs!

Fundraising Opportunities

  • Class apparel
  • Chocolate-covered pretzels
  • Mr. Cupcakes
  • Cookie dough
  • Pies
  • Lawn signs

Active Members

Class representatives and officers will work collectively with the advisors and the student body to promote class spirit, create and revise fundraisers, and organize community service activities.

Connect with Us

  • Twitter: @pcticlassof2022
  • Instagram: @pcticlassof2022
  • Google Classroom: uzelbje