Bosiljka Mijaljevic
Lisa Fasciano
Fatima Ramirez
Christine Sullivan

Class of 2021

The purpose of our organization is to promote unity within the Class of 2021 by engaging students in fundraising, community service and other activities that will encourage students to be productive members of the PCTVS community.

Fundraising efforts help to contribute to student dues, the senior prom, as well as other class activities provided for the students over the course of their senior year.

In order to be a class representative, you must be an active part of all our fundraisers and community service opportunities throughout the year. Anyone can join, but consistent participation is required to maintain your status as a class representative for the Class of 2021.

Part of your status as a class representative is also based on your academic standing as well as your disciplinary record. Students must maintain an appropriate GPA as well as have a clean disciplinary record during their time at Tech.

Fundraising Opportunities

  • Clothing Sales
  • Chipotle
  • Cinderella Cheesecake
  • Valentine Lollipops
  • Takis
  • The Greatest Cookie

Active Members

Members of the Class of 2021, representatives, and advisors work hand in hand to pursue excellence and promote a sense of belonging for the benefit of all active PCTVS members. This is accomplished through meaningful and memorable experiences as well as fundraising efforts either at PCTVS or in the community.

Connect with Us

  • Instagram: @co2021_pcti
  • Google Classroom: Email an advisor for the class code.


Class rep meetings scheduled according to Principal’s Event Calendar. Meetings are held afterschool in the C-wing Media Center.