School of Business Careers

A Challenging Program Introducing Students to the World of Business

The School of Business Careers is designed to prepare students for rewarding and exciting professional careers in the business industry.

Upon successful completion of their first year, students will select a specialized concentration in either Marketing, Global Logistics, or Global Management. In their senior year, students will have the invaluable opportunity to participate in PCTI’s School-to-Careers program, to further prepare for success in the world of business.

  • Global Logistics
  • Marketing
  • Business Management
  • Business Financial Support
  • Payroll Assistant
  • Administrative Support
  • Business Information Systems
  • Small Business Entrepreneur
  • Internet E-Business
  • Data Base Manager
  • Tax Examiner
  • Office Manager
  • Accountant

The student majoring in business must specialize in one of three areas after their freshman year. Business concentrations are Marketing, Global Management, and Global Logistics. The students will be taught by teachers who have business world experience in the field that they teach.

Students specializing in marketing will study the foundation of marketing, marketing in society, promotion, distribution, pricing, branding, marketing management, e-marketing, business to business marketing, fashion marketing, retail marketing, sports & entertainment marketing, advertising & promotion, digital and social media strategies, hospitality and tourism marketing, and business communication in addition to accounting principles and business finance by the time they graduate. In addition to the course work, qualified seniors will have an opportunity to work in the marketing field during their senior year based on recommendation and availability of positions.

Global Management:
Students specializing in global management will study general business management, principles of accounting, principles of marketing, personal & business finance, operations management, e-business retail management, organizational behavior, College Accounting I (PCCC), College Accounting II (PCCC), business law, fundamentals of Insurance, virtual business, and global management theory. In addition to all the units studied, the students will go through personal and career development training that will prepare them for the college and for the work place. Furthermore, qualified seniors will have an opportunity to work in the management field during their senior year based on recommendation and availability of positions.

Global Logistics:
Students specializing in global logistics will study functional areas of logistics, influence of technology on logistics, inventory management,Supply chain management, contingency planning, insourcing and outsourcing, risk management, product transportation, information systems in logistics, product procurement, and facility management in addition to business management, accounting, and personal finance. In addition to the course work, qualified seniors will have an opportunity to work in the logistics field during their senior year based on recommendation and availability of positions.

“College Connection Program” Earning College Credits in High School
Want to earn college credits before you graduate high school? At PCTI you have the opportunity to do just that. Almost 2 dozen college courses . . .

Business and industry related certifications available to students include Microsoft Office Certification and are offered for students to pursue in collaboration with various businesses and agencies. These educational relationships offer students more options to further their education either full or part-time.


School of Business Careers Curriculum

Global Management • Global Logistics • Marketing
Students select one of the above as a career path major

9th Grade
Personal Finance / Entrepreneurship
Computer Applications/ MOS

English I
Algebra I
World History
Physical Education/Health

10th Grade
Intro to Accounting 
Automated Accounting

English II
Algebra II 
World Language II
Physical Education

11th Grade
International Business Practice Firm 

English III
U.S. History I
Physical Education/Health 
*College Accounting I

12th Grade
Integrated Business Projects 
Business Law

English IV
College Statistics
U.S. History II
Physical Education/Health 
College Accounting II 
(Management Concentration)


NOTE: The academic component is taught by highly qualified and dedicated professionals.
Most instructors have years of career experience within the selected field of study and maintain professional relationships with regional industry leaders.

* Offered by the PCCC Business Department.



School-to-Careers Experience
PCTI maintains a very strong and supportive School-to-Careers program, offering 9th, 10th and 11th graders the opportunity to “job shadow,” and 11th & 12th graders the chance to put their skills to work at a paid position in the workplace. Hundreds of students participate and hundreds of business leaders support our efforts by employing our students.

Working with the Most Advanced Technological Systems within Exciting Learning Environments
Students are taught the appropriate skills by using the most advanced educational equipment, comprehensive labs and cutting-edge business software. The PCTI School of Business Careers program is equipped with state-of-the art computers, utilizing the latest most powerful and popular business computer software including:

  • Windows
  • Quickbooks
  • Automated Accounting
  • Microsoft Office 10 (Excel, Word, & Access)
The majority of graduates from the School of Business Careers continue their education at private Business Schools, public colleges and universities as well as other institutions of higher education. Many students also enter into the workforce, obtaining competitive wages due to their higher levels of skill.

Organizational Affiliations
Students are active participants in FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America) where they are continually challenged via competitive events at the local, regional, state and national level. Numerous awards have been won by students over the years.

We are also part of the International Business Practice Firm (IBPF), a virtual Business enterprise that allows PCTI to interact with students in other countries using Skype.