Updates and Information

PowerSchool Is Vital for Communication

We encourage every parent and guardian to access PowerSchool on a weekly basis. The parent portal allows you to see your child’s current academic progress, email their teachers, and access their attendance records. With this information, communication between the child, parents, and instructors will be enhanced.

Busing Information

Many families were affected by the decision of the Paterson Public Schools to no longer provide courtesy busing for any Paterson-resident student who lives less than 2.5 miles from PCTI. In response to this decision, the PCTI Board of Education decided to provide courtesy busing for the 2017-2018 school year for all students who reside less than 2.5 miles from PCTI.

Be mindful that courtesy busing for students who reside less than 2.5 miles from PCTI will not be provided by the PCTI Board of Education for the 2018-2019 school year. Beginning September 2018, all families who reside less than 2.5 miles from PCTI will be required to provide their own transportation (to and from PCTI) for their children.

Tech on Twitter

As a large and extremely active school, PCTI makes every effort (using Twitter) to promote the great things our students are doing, awards earned, and small successes of students and staff.  Keep up with all of the great things:
  • Official School: @PCTI1
  • Principal: @mikeparent
  • Athletics: @PCTIAthletics
  • Dance: @pctidancers
  • Theater: @pctitheater
  • Guidance: @pcti_Counseling
  • GSA: @pcti_gsa
  • ASL Club: @pcti_signclub
  • LMTI: @Pcti_TI_ti
  • PCTI Activities: @Pcti_activities
  • PCTI Video: @PCTITechTV
  • PCTI Class of 2018: @PCTICO2018
  • PCTI Class Of 2019: @PCTIClassOf2019
  • PCTI Class of 2020: @Pcti2020
  • PCTI Class Of 2021: @PCTI_2021

Articles of Interest

Below are some educational and Career and Technical Education (CTE) articles that may be of interest to parents.