PCTI Mock Trial Team Declared Passaic County Champs!

Congratulations to the Mock Trial team of Passaic County Technical Institute (PCTI) for being declared the 2019 Passaic County Mock Trial Champions! The Bulldogs had an undefeated record and captured their fifth county title in the past seven years. By using critical thinking and superb presentation skills, PCTI’s Mock Trial team was able to defeat their opponent, Clifton.

The following students had a role in capturing the championship: Lesly Montesino, Olivia Rosati, Destiny Colmanares, Alicia Moss, Marcely Perez, Melissa Felix, Isaac Davenport, Kimberly DeLa Rosa, Sakora Jackson, and Amanda Scialla. PCTI will compete in the state tournament on February 5th.

PCTI’s Mock Trial team has been declared the Passaic County Champs for 2019!