ASL Student Collaboration with Security Staff Reinforces Clear Communication

American Sign Language students of Passaic County Technical Institute (PCTI) collaborated with the school’s security personnel to teach communication tools when interacting with hearing impaired citizens. The presentation put an emphasis on key signs to be used in emergency situations. Through a series of exercises, PCTI’s security team learned signs that included “deaf,” “emergency,” “lockdown,” “stay,” “safe,” and much more.

The training exercise was an enlightening experience for all involved and fostered an essential dialogue between hearing and hearing impaired individuals.

PCTI student Hicarlenis Henriquez (Clifton) shows a PCTI security guard how to sign “free.”

PCTI student Brandon Theriot (Summit) cheers security staff on while his classmate Hicarlenis Henriquez (Clifton) shows them how to sign “safe.”