NJROTC - Departments

Operations Department

The Operations Department is responsible for the daily oversight of all NJROTC major events and activities, including training and education (academic) activities. They maintain the NJROTC Master Schedule (for short range, mid-range, and long- range events) and provide oversight over the NJROTC Operational Risk Management (ORM) process for all sponsored activities.


OPS- C/LT Hernandez

Asst. OPS- C/ENS Wahi

LPO C/PO1 Perez

Supply & Logistics Department

The Supply & Logistics Department distributes items of U.S government property within the unit. This includes, but is not limited to: uniforms, computers, and other Navy property. The department is led by a Cadet Lieutenant, who is known as LSO or SUPPO. The Supply Officer is provided with assistance by his/her Assistant, his/her senior enlisted cadet, and the Class Petty Officers who perform the tasks at hand during their class period.

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Administrations Department

The Administration Department is responsible for maintaining detailed records on the personal information of cadets and their activity within in the unit. They are often called upon to assist with gathering supplies and information.

O- C/LT Apolinario

Asst AdminO- C/ENS Rana

LPO- C/PO1 Rhone

Public Affairs Department

The Public Affairs Department facilitates and enhances communication between the NJROTC unit, the school, and the community. They promote high morale and efficiency, and foster a positive image of the unit through the photographic medium. The Public Affairs Department also keeps cadets informed and urges them to get involved in numerous events.


PAO- C/LT Konyak

Asst. PAO- C/ENS Hernandez

LPO C/SN Vasquez