NJROTC - Competition Drill Teams

Unarmed Basic

Unarmed Basic requires practice and discipline to complete movements that are precise and sharp. The Unarmed Basic team competes as a team. If someone has a problem we do our best to help because it creates a stronger team. We are one and must act and drill as one.

Unarmed Exhibition

If you have rhythm but don't know how to express it, check out the NJROTC's Unarmed Exhibition Drill Team. They perform synchronized movements and incorporate beats from their favorite music into the routine. Common moves include stomping, thigh hitting, clapping, and snapping.

Armed Basic

Cadets perform basic military drill movements while armed with drill rifles that are replicas of the M1903 Springfield. Within the platoon is a Guidon, a member who marches without a guide to represent the unit. There is also the Team Commander, who must be able to use a sword and rifle.

Armed Exhibition

Armed Exhibition, known as Armed Trick, is a form of freestyle drill only available to the most trained cadets. The team specializes in using drill rifles to perform complex routines that require extensive periods of training and practice. Armed Trick has no distinct rules and is limited only by the imagination of the team and their commander.

Varsity Color Guard

Color Guards are used for ceremonial purposes. Members include the left rifleman, the Organizational flag bearer, the American flag bearer, and the right rifleman. Each member of the Color Guard performs special movements according to their position.

The Color Guard Commander trains members and represents the cadet battalion at activities as directed by the Cadet Battalion Commander, Cadet Battalion XO, or the instructors. They coordinate the uniform, flag, and weapon requirements, schedule competitions for the Color Guard, and coordinate activities according to their schedule. They also inspect the uniform and personal appearance of the Color Guard members

Varsity Inspection

Perfection and excellence describe the Varsity Inspection team which consists of nine of the nine sharpest cadets in the unit. Members of the Varsity Inspection team are required to know the entire cadet field manual, orders to the sentry, Chain of command, and other military knowledge. Cadets may include high ranking Cadet Officers, Cadet Chiefs, and Cadet Petty Officers.

PCTI’s NJROTC drill team has won first place trophies for Varsity Inspection, including 1st place at the Area 4 Championships drill meet.

Do you have what it takes to be part of this team?

New Cadet Team

NS1 Basic is a place for new beginnings. This standard team accepts all new students. Members train in basic aspects of movement, bearing, etiquette, and military knowledge. The bonds forged from practicing, travelling, and competing together are irreplaceable.