Superintendent's Message

Diana C. Lobosco

Education is like a tapestry, each thread distinct yet intertwined with its peers to form a complete picture. Stand too close, and the image is lost; only the weave remains. Leave out a thread, and the pattern is flawed. As educators, it is up to us to bring the threads together. The connections that our students establish during their four years at PCTVS are widespread and complex. Technology has blazed new and astounding pathways, making these young men and women not only residents of their hometowns, but citizens of a global community. It has opened doors to new careers and opportunities, while placing at their fingertips limitless avenues for exploration.

It is, indeed, as Aldus Huxley termed it: "A Brave New World." At PCTVS we recognize the essential part that technology will play in our students’ futures and are dedicated to giving them the strong skills they will need to meet the challenges that they will face. But like the master weaver, it is up to educators to consider the entire picture. We must provide the threads that will allow each young person to develop into a well-rounded individual, capable of living up to his or her full potential - intellectually, physically, emotionally, and socially.

The two incredible schools that make up the Passaic County Technical-Vocational School District do just that. Passaic County Technical Institute and the Diana C. Lobosco STEM Academy offer extensive academic and career & technical education offerings, award-winning clubs and organizations, powerhouse athletics and well-skilled faculty and support personnel, enabling us to meet the needs of each individual student. It is up to them to create the masterpiece they wish to become. We invite you, the parents and friends of PCTVS to be a part of an undertaking. You are an integral thread in the education of our young men and women. Get involved. Together we can create a tapestry richer and fuller than any one of us can do alone.


Diana C. Lobosco
Chief School Administrator