Principal's Message

It is a great pleasure and an honor to lead the Diana C. Lobosco STEM Academy as an institution for innovation through exceptional teaching and learning. Our administration, faculty, and staff are committed to delivering advanced instructional strategies in a rich, state-of-the-art facility for the purpose of developing students to become better students, better citizens, and better people, while focusing on improving our communities and enriching our society.

Our district has a long history of providing exceptional programs that offer students opportunities that can exist for them no where else. Our nascent school is just beginning its trajectory towards excellence and has the benefit of learning from the solid foundation of a district that has defined that standard, in our county and in our state. We have a wealth of resources to take advantage of and are dedicated to leveraging those resources to provide an educational program that is focused on providing students with the tools they need to excel in the years that follow their tenure at the DCL STEM Academy.

We offer focused studies in three pathways at the heart of science, technology, engineering, and math – the areas of study that will define our society’s success in the 21st century. These pathways are Biomedical Life Science, Computer Science, and Engineering, and each will be critical for our future development. However, these studies are not independent of each other; as such, we stress an integrative-STEM model where students learn systems of thinking and not just patterns of thought. Students enrolled at the DCL STEM Academy will learn to leverage their understanding of the Scientific Model, Computational Thinking, and the Design Thinking process to solve the problems we will face in an increasingly complex world.

I look forward to working with students, parents, and educators committed to a mission of continuous progress. We seek to develop persistence, empathy, reflection, and collaboration within each child that attends the DCL STEM Academy. And we seek to model those values each and every day. Please feel free to contact me with your ideas, concerns, and aspirations, and together we can grow even better.


Joaquim Johnson