School Administration

You may reach the following offices by calling: (973) 389+ extension.

Title Name/Email Extension
Chief School Administrator/Superintendent Diana C. Lobosco 4201
Assistant Superintendent / Director of Human Resources John Maiello 4209
Principal Dr. Michael Parent 4260
Assistant Principal Jeannie Holman 4299
Assistant Principal of Discipline/Transportation Kenneth McDaniel 2002
Assistant Principal Lois Paterson 2003
Assistant Principal Joseph Sabbath 2017
Director of Pupil Personnel Services Nick Bucci 4236
Director of Special Education Michele Rizzo 4197
Director of Adult & Continuing Education John DePalma 4100
Director of Athletics/Physical Education Nic Nese 4106
Supervisor Darrlyn Alexander 4140
Supervisor Mark Cacace 4152
Supervisor Jerry Castaneda 4142
Supervisor Michael Coscia 4267
Supervisor Tracy Espiritu 7239
Supervisor Salvatore Gambino 7238
Supervisor Joaquim Johnson 4262
Supervisor Mohamed Khairullah 7202
Supervisor Boaz Laor 4268
Supervisor Jennifer Turi 4262
Supervisor Maureen Wacha 4299
Supervisor Lydia Yikon’a 4261
Supervisor of Admissions Betty Schulte 4235

Central Office

Title Name/Email Extension
Business Administrator Richard Giglio 4218
Assistant Superintendent / Director of Human Resources John Maiello 4209
Director of Curriculum Leonard (Ted) Szczawinski 4190
Director of STEM Javier Rabelo 7224
Director of Communications / Special Projects Sandra Woods 4202
Board Secretary Mae Remer 4204
Chief Information Officer Roberto Rubino 4137
Administrative Assistant to CSA Yesenia Berta 4203
HR Manager Marinelly Tavarez 4393