Caitlin Dowling
Head Coach
Lauren McGorty
Assistant Coach
Toniann Klaus
Assistant (JV) Coach


Coaching Staff

  • Head Coach: Caitlin Dowling
  • Assistant Coach: Lauren McGorty
  • Assistant (JV) Coach: Toniann Klaus



  • Aug. Practices
  • Work out on your own in the summer
  • Need to go to weight room on some OFF days in fall (I will be checking)
  • JV and Varsity Teams
  • JV – Mon and Thurs practices; Mon & Thurs & Sat FB Games
  • Varsity – Tues and Weds Practices; Friday games
  • Emphasis on Cheers, Dancing, and Stunting


  • Dec. – Feb. practices and games
  • All on Tues or Thurs
  • JV and Varsity Teams
  • JV all season practice from 3-5; starting in Jan. games at 5:30
  • Varsity practice in Dec from 3-5; games at 4 starting in Jan.
  • Tryouts first week of Dec.
  • Emphasis on Cheers


  • Tryouts beginning of Oct.
  • Choreography around end of Oct./early Nov.
  • Varsity Only
  • CO-ED!
  • Need strong guys to keep up with other teams
  • Don’t need to be on fall or winter
  • Season is mid-Oct – beginning of March
  • If on a fall sport we will work with you
  • Weight Room! Summer, Fall, off days
  • Emphasis on Stunting and Tumbling

Winter Tryouts

  • When: Tuesday, December 4th & Wednesday, December 5th
  • Where: Café 1
  • Time: 3-5pm
  • There are 5:00 buses as transportation home if needed.


  • Students must have a physical into the nurse and check to make sure they are cleared BEFORE the day of tryouts. The earlier you are cleared the better!
  • Students should come in athletic clothing and sneakers. No jewelry is to be worn. There will be bus transportation to and from tryouts.
  • Students will learn a cheer, dance, and practice their jumps (toe touch, left and right herkies, pike) on Wednesday and then be scored on Thursday. Students will be scored from 1 to 5 (1 = poor; 5 = excellent) in the following categories: Cheer, Dance, Motions, Timing, Poise, and Spirit.


  • 2005: 8th place at Cheerleading Nationals
  • 2006-2007: NJTAC second place overall
  • 2008-2009: NJTAC champs: First place overall
  • 2009-2010: NJTAC first place cheer; second place cheer dance, second place overall
  • 2010-2011: NJTAC first place cheer; second place cheer dance, second place overall
  • 2015-2016: NJTAC second place overall; NJ States second place overall
  • 2017 State Divisional Champions - NJCDCA


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