May Students of the Month

Angel Ordonez Flores

Angel Ordonez Flores is a young man from Clifton who seeks opportunities to branch out and evolve. “I didn’t know what I wanted to do when coming to PCTI,” he says. The result was a pragmatic approach. “I knew that The School of Business Careers would teach me a lot about being prepared for the future, so that was a natural choice.”

As a Marketing major, Angel discovered that he enjoys working with people. He also credits landing his first job to his career training. “I was able to sell myself, which really came in handy.”

Angel works between twenty and thirty hours a week at Journey’s. This is in addition to heavy involvement in a host of school activities, including SkillsUSA, Student Council, GSA, Performing Arts Club, NJROTC, FBLA, & ERASE. He’s also participated in the Asian Pacific Heritage Ceremony and last year’s spring musical.

Integral to his high school experience was Angel’s participation as a member of the Fall, Winter, and Competitive Varsity Cheerleading teams. “I wouldn’t be who I am without cheerleading. Being on the team allowed me to gain such confidence and I really enjoy embracing school spirit.”

It’s clear that Angel is committed to his job and activities. It comes as no surprise that this Bulldog is just as dedicated to his studies. He’s earned a GPA of 3.68 and has the potential to graduate with nine college credits! Angel has also achieved honor roll status throughout much of his time at PCTI.

When asked what his future holds, Angel expresses an interest in Forensic Science. In particular, he’s interested in working with Law Enforcement. “I either want to be a Pathologist or Forensic Scientist.” Angel explains that both careers offer opportunities. “I can go to medical school or get involved with crime scene deconstruction. Either way, I’ll be able to give people closure during difficult times.”

Angel looks forward to attending Pace University. He’s excited to be living in NYC. “Manhattan really drew me in. It’s diverse and feels so much like home.”

In reflecting on how he’s grown since coming to PCTI as a freshman, Angel says, “I used to be super quiet and in my own bubble. My job at Journey’s and being a cheerleader encouraged me to interact with people. I became more determined in reaching my goals.”

Congratulations to a spirited young man who actively seeks to help others. Your kindness and optimistic nature will ensure much future success!


  • Will graduate with a potential 9 college credits
  • Involved in SkillsUSA, Student Council/Interact, GSA, Performing Arts Club, NJROTC, FBLA, & ERASE
  • Fall, Winter, & Competitive Cheerleading team member
  • Works 20-30 hours a week at Journey’s
  • Participated in Asian Pacific Heritage Assembly and past spring musical
  • Goal: Graduate from Pace University, obtain medical degree, become either a Pathologist or Forensic Scientist

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Frank Ramos

Frank Ramos has always been passionate about music. Even so, this young man from Clifton chose to pursue studies in a seemingly unrelated field. As a member of the School of Applied Technology, Frank’s major is Electronics. “I wanted to learn something outside of what I already know and I enjoy working with technology.”

His area of study deals primarily with analyzing different electrical circuits and learning about components that make circuits. There are theories and equations used to solve problems with voltage, current, and even power. “Electronics can be applied to different things - even music. For instance, we learned how to cut off different frequencies, which changes the sound in music.”

Frank’s love of the arts is evident in his extracurricular activities. He is a member of Sound Chasers and the Performing Arts Club and has been cast in numerous PCTI spring musicals. This year, Frank was featured as the bass singing Caiaphas in Jesus Christ Superstar!

Academically, Frank ranks in the top twelve percent of his class with a GPA of 3.95! He has the potential to graduate with twenty-three college credits and has achieved honor roll status throughout most of his high school career.

Ambition is great with this young Bulldog. Frank will return to his roots and pursue a career in the music industry. In fact, he’s already on the right track. Frank currently has his own music channel where he creates song mixes under the moniker DJ Mashup. “I got to the point where I started making new sounds and really found my own artistic voice.”

After graduation, Frank looks forward to attending Ramapo College where he will pursue a degree in Music with a concentration in Music Production. He aims to become a Music Producer. Frank’s other plans include auditioning for a Broadway musical and interning in NYC. He hopes to gain experience with companies such as SiriusXm, Sony, Disney, or Nickelodeon.

When asked about his time at PCTI, Frank recounts fond memories. “It was here that I realized what I want to do for the rest of my life. I’ve gained invaluable experience and my time here has really left an impact.” He further explained that he will return to Bulldog Country in the future.

Congratulations, Frank on discovering your true passion and pursuing your goals. Best of luck!


  • Ranks in the top 12% of his class
  • Will graduate with a potential 23 college credits
  • Member of Sound Chasers & Performing Arts Club; performed in Jesus Christ Superstar as Caiaphas
  • Produces music as DJ Mashup
  • Achieved honor status throughout most of his PCTI career
  • Goal: Graduate from Ramapo College with a degree in Music and a concentration in Music Production, become a Music Producer

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