February Students of the Month

Emily Andrianov

Emily Andrianov is a young woman from Hawthorne who has always been drawn to the sciences. Her mom is a cosmetic chemist, therefore it was a natural choice for her to become a member of the Academy of Medical Arts.

Her passion knows no bounds. Emily is driven by a caring nature and as evidence, has spent much of her time volunteering at the Hackensack UMC NICU and Nursery. “Being in such a high stress environment revealed how I work best. I admire how medical professionals help newborns survive, and prepare them to have healthy and happy lives.” Emily goes on to explain that her volunteerism efforts at the hospital solidified her career of choice. “I now know I want to be a Neonatal Surgeon.”

Emily is already preparing for her intensive career by sharpening her time management skills. She has been involved in tutoring with Kumon, acted as a Teaching Assistant for PCTI’s Fall STEM Academy, and has volunteered at the Romanian Orthodox Brotherhood of All Saints. In addition, Emily is the Principal Ballerina at Kolotov Dance Studio - a premier honor which ensures she gets all the lead roles in productions. She is the youngest dancer to receive this selection and has been honing her craft under this title since her freshman year.

In addition, Emily has been selected for World Language Honor Society, Rho Kappa History Honor Society, and the National Honor Society. She was also chosen for the National Student Leadership Conference in Psychology & Neuroscience at Harvard Medical School and for Brown University’s Future of Science and Technology in Medicine program. At PCTI, Emily is a member of HOSA, the American Sign Language Club, ERASE, and is a Class Representative. Her certifications included Basic Life Support, CPR and CNA; she will receive her EMT licensure in May.

Despite a heavy and hectic schedule, Emily ranks in the top two percent of her class with a GPA of 4.41. She has achieved Principal’s Honor Roll throughout her entire high school career and has the potential to graduate with thirty-six college credits.

Emily dreams of pursuing an education at Brown University. She has been accepted to St. John’s Honor College and Chemistry program where she received the Presidential Scholarship - an honor that covers her entire tuition. Emily has also applied to Cornell, Columbia, Princeton, and Rutgers University. She is considering pursuing an undergraduate degree in Cognitive Neuroscience.

Congratulations to an intelligent woman who is bound to make a difference in the world!


  • Ranks in the top 2% of her class
  • Has the potential to graduate with 36 college credits
  • Licensed CNA, CPR, First Aid & Basic Life Support certified
  • Selected for WLHS, Rho Kappa History Honor Society, & NHS
  • Member of HOSA, American Sign Language Club, ERASE, & is a Class Representative
  • Selected as Principal Ballerina at Kolotov Dance Studio, also plays piano
  • Goal: Graduate from a university that combines a bachelors/medical degree program; become a Neonatal Surgeon

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Isabel Yayla

Isabel Yayla is a Hawthorne native who absolutely thrives in the creative field. “My father is a jewelry designer. I always knew I wanted to follow a similar path.” As a member of the School of Communication Arts, this Graphic Designer seeks opportunities for success through entrepreneurship ventures.

Isabel holds a position as a Graphic Artist through PCTI’s Co-Op program. She is Adobe Photoshop certified and is a member of the Yearbook Club, ERASE, and the Girls Track team. Isabel was also selected for the Circle of Success as a sophomore, a PCTI honor based in academic accomplishment and program integrity.

She has spent a lot of time building her work experience through partnerships with Diamond for Love Jewelry and Trendy Anything Accessories. Both companies allowed her to develop her design talents and advanced her communication skills. In addition, Isabel also holds a job with Goldfish Swim School where she works with young children and teaches them to swim.

On the academic front, Isabel has taken honors courses and has achieved Principal’s Honor Roll throughout most of her high school career. She currently ranks in the top ten percent of her class with a GPA of 3.98! Additionally, Isabel regularly volunteers at the Assyrian Orthodox Church of the Virgin Mary where she instructs students as a Sunday School teacher.

Aside from pursuing academic excellence and volunteerism, Isabel is hard at work growing her own business. “ICY,” a coy play off her initials, combines her passion for fashion and makeup. On doing what she loves, Isabel says, “I’m obsessed with life coaches like Tony Robbins. I believe that it doesn’t matter what you do. As long as you really enjoy it, success will follow.”

Isabel plans on using her skills as a Graphic Designer to elevate her business. She’s currently working on a website and YouTube page to further promote her company.

When it comes to her future, Isabel plans to attend either Cooper Union or the School of Visual Arts. She will pursue double majors in Advertising & Design and Motion Graphics, with a concentration in Virtual Reality.

On her time at PCTI, Isabel says, “I’m grateful for all the opportunities PCTI has given me. I’ve learned a lot in the past four years, which allowed me to jump-start my career as a business owner.”

Congratulations, Isabel! Your drive to pursue excellence in the working world is unmatched. Best of luck to this young entrepreneur!


  • Ranks in the top 10% of her class
  • Adobe Photoshop certified
  • Graphic Artist through PCTI’s Co-Op program
  • Member of Yearbook Club, ERASE, & Girls Track team
  • Selected for Circle of Success
  • Works with Diamond for Love Jewelry, Trendy Anything Accessories, and the Goldfish Swim School
  • Goal: Graduate from a university with dual degrees in Advertising & Design and Motion Graphics with a concentration in Virtual Reality, grow her personal business, “ICY”

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